Meridian is a city found in Ada County, Idaho. It is located 43°19′5″N 116°20′54″W and has a population of approximately 82,557 people with a population density of about 1797 people per square mile. A unique fact about Meridian is that it is the only city in Idaho to have a Mormon Temple.

The beautiful places in Meridian are surrounded by nature, history, and beauty, making it one of the greatest cities in Idaho. The city’s main attractions are its parks, golf courses, green belts, waterways and lakes. Parks in the town include the Indian Trail Park, Mountain View Park, Potato Hill Park, Red Lion Park, Tetherow Park, and the Waterfire Park. Many of these parks offer public amenities such as picnic tables, fishing areas, water fountains or restrooms for visitors to enjoy.

The city is known for not only its beautiful parks but also its golf courses. Some of the most notable golf courses include Black Rock Golf Club, Red Lion Golf Club, Tetherow Golf Club, and Meridian Hills Country Club. These courses are known for their various golfing challenges, including tough winds on open plains or hills surrounding some of the courses.

Green belts in the city of Meridian consist of biking trails that wind through the downtown area to provide residents with beautiful panoramic views and easy access to shopping, dining, and other attractions. Green belts also provide residents with safe places to ride bikes and take their children for walks.

The waterways and lakes that form part of the city’s beautiful landscape include Lake Lowell, Spyglass Hill Lake, Pumpkin Vine Creek Reservoir, and Four Mile Creek Lake. The town has several dams that contain these lakes and waterways, including the Black Canyon, Davis, Meridian Canal and Eagle Falls.

During the spring and summer months, residents enjoy taking a hike up Potato Hill to take in some of the best views of the city’s skyline. During this time of year, visitors will also encounter an abundance of wildflowers that bloom all along the trail.

Every summer, residents and visitors alike flock to Waterfire Park to enjoy music, food, games, rides and other activities at the Meridian Carousel Days Festival. Celebrated Memorial Day Weekend every year, this festival features an antique car show open both days of the holiday weekend.

The beautiful places of Meridian, Idaho, are made possible by the hardworking people who call this great city home. The beauty of nature, history and culture make the city a wonderful place to live or visit. Visitors will find many places to relax, play or enjoy some of the finest cuisines in ways only an outdoor enthusiast can truly appreciate.

Meridian is not only a beautiful city; it is also the centre of commerce and business for the entire Treasure Valley. As such, it has several employment opportunities and abundant resources to meet its residents’ needs. Whether necessary to fulfil a basic need or as a means to enjoy life, Meridian’s beautiful places provide all who visit with an enjoyable experience.