The Children’s Museum of Idaho is a fun place for children to explore all kinds of different things. There are many exhibits in the museum, and each one has a lesson attached to it. Here are some details about the activities at the Children’s Museum of Idaho:

Exhibit 1: This exhibit shows kids what it is like to be in the natural desert.

It shows them how animals survive in that type of environ, and what plants can grow there. There are also different kinds of rocks, which kids can touch and learn about.

Exhibit 2: This exhibit teaches kids about water management. It has many hands-on activities, some of which include:

-watering plants with a real working water hose attached to the side of the exhibit.

-Kids can make puddles using sand and learn how it is like to be in an area where there are many puddles everywhere because it rains all the time.

-kids can get inside of a raindrop

Exhibit 3: In this exhibit, kids can learn about what it would be like to live in a house made of hay. This exhibit has a girl and a boy living in it, and they have different tasks to teach kids about what kind of things people living in the desert would need to survive there. Other animals visit the girl and boy, depending on what time of day it is.

Exhibit 4: This exhibit has many types of animals kids can look at. There are also different kinds of information about each animal, including where they live, grow up, eat, etc.

Exhibit 5: In this exhibit, kids can feed baby goats and calves.

Exhibit 6: In the next exhibit, kids can learn about what it is like to live in a desert that isn’t as hot. They can also know how different plants and animals change depending on what kind of weather they live in. Kids can also learn about different climates around the world by playing games.

Exhibit 7: This exhibit has many things kids can do to explore their senses. Kids can feel different textures, try all different types of foods, and explore with mirrors to see what things look like from other angles.

Exhibit 8: Here, kids can climb and slide. They can also learn about what it would be like to live where there is a lot of snow.

Exhibit 9: This exhibit has many different shapes and colours for kids to look at and explore.

As you can see, the Children’s Museum of Idaho is a very fun place for kids of all ages to learn, play, and explore.

As a kid who grew up in Idaho but now lives on the East Coast of the U.S., I am very sad that this museum isn’t near where I live! Many years ago, my family and I visited some friends who lived in Meridian, and I had a blast!

If you live in Meridian, Idaho, or ever visiting, be sure to stop by the Children’s Museum of Idaho. You won’t regret it!